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Letters from Madelyn: Chronicles of a Caregiver 2nd Edition

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About Letters From Madelyn

At seventy years of age, Madelyn Kubin was losing her vision due to  macular degeneration. Her back was hunched with osteoporosis, and she had not completely recovered from open heart surgery.

When her husband Quentin suffered a debilitating stroke, she had to develop some unique coping strategies to manage the emotional stress of caring for a man who was very different from the husband she had known and loved for more than fifty years.

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Reader Testimonials

“Where have all the good, solid, honest, people gone? They are on the pages of these “letters from Madelyn.”
Vicki Conte
“I have read this book once quickly because I couldn’t put it down. Now I am reading it with my hi-lighter. The next time I will be reading it with my daughter.”
Elisabeth Cardiel
“I really enjoyed this book.  I felt drawn in and suddenly became part of Madelyn’s family.  I thought the author was so lucky to have gotten so many handwritten letters from her mother. That is something to be cherished.”
Laura Stark
“It was hard to put this book down after I started to read it… You can just picture the situations she describes that she faces as her husband’s caretaker. I think it is a ‘must read’ for anyone who is a caretaker of a loved one.”
Lois Leman
“Letters from Madelyn is a series of straight talking letters to Madelyn’s daughter, Elaine. These letters reveal slices of life lived in the small town of McPherson, Kansas, along with the trials and tribulations of caretaking mixed in with nuggets of wisdom…”
Kathy Lindsay

Some of Elaine’s Clients

Client Testimonials

“We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day for the 385 caregivers attending the Challenges in Caregiving Conference. They laughed, they cried, they felt understood . . . and they learned the importance of taking care of themselves.”
Bev Ricker, Program Coordinator, Challenges in Caregiving
“Elaine is a warm and loving human being whose passion for supporting caregivers translates immediately to an audience. You cannot look at her work apart from who she is as a person. One flows from the other. Her humorous stories give one hope that, with a good approach, even some of our most challenging life experiences bring value, wisdom and perspective.”
John Graham , Executive Director at Kensington Senior Living
Redwood City, CA
“Elaine’s keynote address captivated the audience from beginning to end — combining humor and optimism, as well as valuable insight and information. She was one of our most popular speakers. “Caring, informative and compassionate” and “amazing speaker” are just a few of the comments on attendees’ evaluations.”
Sunita Vasdez, Meeting Planner
Oregon State University Gerontology Conference
“Elaine Sanchez has an energetic style that draws in the audience. From her own experience, she understands the feelings and knows the trials of being a caregiver. Her acting and audio-visual aids enthralled the participants. Elaine prepared for our specific group and weaved in her general information. One person wrote ‘Love, love, love Elaine.’ ”
Mary P. Lovely, PhD, RN, CNRN, Senior Advisor
American Brain Tumor Association
“Elaine is the only speaker I know who so easily touches the heart and mind of
the family caregivers, staff and professionals in the audience. For some it was a caregiving situation, others it was understanding the family members of someone in their care and others it was their personal life situation. She has a wonderful gift, and I cannot imagine how many lives she has impacted.”
Jennifer Roberts , Community Services Director, BPM Senior Living
Corvallis, OR

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