Boomer Bootcamp

Workshop: Boomer Boot Camp Workshop – 2 hours, half-day On August 3, 2006 Elaine and her husband drove to the airport to pick up Elaine’s recently widowed, 80 year-old Aunt Jean, who had decided to move to Oregon to be close to family. The following morning Jean tripped on a rug going into Starbuck’s and broke her hip. Standing in the emergency room unable to answer questions about ... Read More


Contact Elaine K. Sanchez To inquire about having Elaine speak to your organization, contact: Elaine Sanchez 503-949-2464 Mailing Address: 2725 Prominent Court South Salem, OR ... Read More

Spiritual Caregiving

Keynote “So,God, what are WE going to do today?” A Spiritual Journey Through Life, Loss, Love, & Laughter Keynote – 45 – 90 minutes Delightfully irreverent and deeply inspirational, this one-woman play provides anyone with a heavy burden and an open mind a huge emotional and spiritual boost – along with several good belly laughs. From actual letters, ... Read More